Trade disputes over IP and health

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Thanks to KEI for sharing the following references on trade related bullying.

Time-line of Disputes over Compulsory Licensing  and Parallel Importation in South Africa, 1994 to 1999.

Susannah Markandya, Timeline of Trade Disputes involving Thailand and access to medicines, July 23, 2001   (Timeline entries from 1979 to 2001).

Susannah Markandya, Timeline of disputes over pharmaceutical patent protection in the Dominican Republic, July 23, 2001 (Timeline entries from 1992 to 2001)

Jennifer Ellen Mattson, Timeline of US-Argentina Dispute on Pharmaceutical Patents. April 20, 2005.  (Timeline entries from 1989 to 2000).

Jennifer Ellen Mattson, 1999 Collaboration between the US government and pharmaceutical industry to oppose Philippine government effort to promote expanded use of generics for off-patented drugs.  February 9, 2005.


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