Cholera, diarrhea & dysentery update (20): Yemen (AD) increasing incidence, fatal, MOH

From Al-Omana, 21 May 2024, via ProMED

The director of the Epidemiological Surveillance Department, Ministry of Health, Aden governorate, has revealed that they have registered 80 cases of cholera during 24 hours, which is the maximum number of cases within one day since this new outbreak of cholera started. He also mentioned that the number of registered cholera cases in the governorate has reached 1300 cases, with 9 deaths since the beginning of this year (2024), noting that the current available hospital capacities for the admitted cholera patients have been exceeded and are insufficient to meet the influx of cases.

[Yemen has been hard hit by a prolonged and protracted outbreak of cholera over the past years. The combined efforts of health authorities and international partners have brought the disease to a halt for a while, but it seems to have reemerged again, especially in the southern governorates as mentioned above. – Mod.MM

In ProMED’s earlier reports we noted cases in the northern governates. Copyeditor.TW found a Relief Web April situation report that says 86% of governorates are involved ( so clearly it’s more widespread than the standalone reporting has indicated in some cases. – Mod.JH


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