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  • What Comes After Neoliberalism?

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    A panel of commentators brought together by Project Syndicate (4 June 2024) including Mehrsa Baradaran, Anne O. Krueger, Mariana Mazzucato, Dani Rodrik, Joseph E. Stiglitz, and Michael R. Strain are asked to respond to “What comes after neoliberalism?” The steep tariff increases on Chinese goods that US President Joe Biden’s administration recently announced are just the latest in a long string…

  • Farmers’ Protest in India Reignites: A Struggle for the Future of Food and Agriculture

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    Colin Todhunter in Dissident Voice, February 18th, 2024. // In 2021, after a year-long protest, India’s farmers brought about the repeal of three farm laws that were intended to ‘liberalise’ the agriculture sector. Now, in 2024, farmers are again protesting. The underlying issues and the facilitation of the neoliberal corporatisation of farming that sparked the…

  • Neoliberalism

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    Usages The term, ‘neoliberalism’, is required to carry a wide range of meanings; variously an ideological project, a political program, or an institutional configuration of governance (England and Ward 2007) Bell and Green (2016) comment that “When a concept can be used to describe such an extraordinary – and even downright contradictory – array of…