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  • Financing Africa’s Climate Action

    David Legge Avatar

    By Mukupa Nsenduluka & Rachel Etter-Phoya from Tax Justice Network 22 May 2024, here Africa has contributed the least to global warming, yet millions of African people are facing the most severe impacts of the climate crisis. To combat these challenges – stopping floodwaters, feeding starving people, and increasing the resilience of the public sector –…

  • The ‘Billions to Trillions’ charade

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    By Jayati Ghosh, 27 May 2024, published first in Social Europe and then in IDEAs. The international-development sector has become fixated on calculating financing gaps. Hardly a day goes by without new estimates of the funds low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) need to meet their climate targets and achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals…