About us

This blog site has been established by the Trade and Health Circle of the People’s Health Movement as a contribution to extending and deepening the discussion of political economy within PHM and the application of critical political economy to the struggle for health.

The purpose of the blog site is to create a platform where research and analysis regarding the political economy of contemporary globalised capitalism can be shared more widely, and the implications for population health and for health care of such research and analysis can be explored.

Blogposts are selected (or authored) by members of PHM’s PEH network, including Alexis Benos, Deb Gleeson, Sun Kim, Ron Labonte, David Legge, David McCoy, Dave Primrose, Mohan Rao, Peter Sainsbury, and Remco Van de Pas. Please write to editor@phmovement.org to volunteer to contribute as an author/poster.

Comments on the blogposts are warmly encouraged from across PHM and beyond. IPHU alumni are particularly invited to participate as commenters. Commenters need to register and login for their comments to be published.

Inquiries: editor@phmovement.org